Our team was celebrated in Clifton Manor's Newsletter!

The Guru Amar Das Niwas Volunteer Program was celebrated in Clifton Manor's Newsletter! The Guru Amar Das Niwas Volunteer program has been providing Volunteer Services to the Punjabi speaking residents at Clifton Manor since June 14, 2017. Back then, our team consisted of 2 volunteers and we provided weekly volunteer sessions. Since then, we have grown to more than 6 volunteers and provide biweekly volunteer sessions that consist of Movie Nights, Recreational Activities, Arts & Crafts and Light Exercise!

AgeCare SkyPointe Seniors Community Is NOW OPEN!

What are we doing?

The Guru Amar Das Niwas Nursing Home Association (GADNNHA) Team is working collaboratively with AgeCare.  AgeCare is a reputable nursing home operator and is graciously offering to tailor culturally appropriate care for Punjabi residents at their new facility. GADNNHA is engaged to provide volunteer services to our seniors at the AgeCare SkyPointe Seniors Community.

Needs Assessment Survey Completed! - Thank You!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We have exciting news. We have now completed the survey, with a total of 466 responses. This is well beyond our target of 400, and well before our deadline. We couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you!

This project is founded on the concept of Seva - selfless service for our elderly. It is by the community and for the community. We have hit a milestone here, but there is a long way yet left to go. With your help we can make it. Our next steps will be to analyze the results and determine what the need is in the community. From there we can decide how large of a nursing home is needed, both today and in the future.

From yourselves, we continue to need volunteers to sign up and assist us. We are constructing a volunteer database and program to go live in the next few months. You can Contact Us for more information. Please share your expertise and manner in which you wish to be involved. If this project or vision touches you, please share your story with us.

More updates will follow shortly!