AgeCare SkyPointe Seniors Community Is NOW OPEN!

What are we doing?

The Guru Amar Das Niwas Nursing Home Association (GADNNHA) Team is working collaboratively with AgeCare.  AgeCare is a reputable nursing home operator and is graciously offering to tailor culturally appropriate care for Punjabi residents at their new facility. GADNNHA is engaged to provide volunteer services to our seniors at the AgeCare SkyPointe Seniors Community.

GADNNHA already collaborates to provide volunteer services to Clifton Manor and George Boyak, as well as in the PLC Hospital. We look forward to working with SkyPointe to help the elders that live there age with grace and dignity.

What is exciting about the SkyPointe Facility?

The SkyPointe Seniors Community  is located in Skyview and has opened on June 4, 2018. We are excited to assist AgeCare in providing volunteer services to Punjabi/Sikh clients. AgeCare is striving to build healthy and vibrant communities and have therefore tailored their facility to include South Asian (including Punjabi) vegetarian food,  Punjabi-speaking/ culturally competent staff members and volunteers.

Who will be served in the SkyPointe Facility?

Any individual requiring 24/7 care/support and whom the family is no longer able to provide care for at home, seniors in assisted living and clients admitted to a nursing home or the hospital.

Please note that Punjabi or Sikh community will not receive any special access to the facility beyond that of any other community. The government determines who gets access to the facility and manages the waitlist in a way that is fair and transparent.

How to get on the waiting list for the SkyPointe Facility?

To determine eligibility of the client, Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff will assess the client and make recommendations for the level of care for that individual. There are three main ways to get on the waitlist.

  1. The client will be assessed and recommendations will be made by AHS staff in the hospital.

  2. The senior  in the community should be utilizing the maximum help of Home Care and should call 403-943-1920 to speak with a coordinator.  Please leave a message if you cannot connect with a coordinator.

  3. If a senior is in a nursing home and wishes to move to SkyPointe simply alert Homecare by calling 403-943-1920 or notify your nursing homes' Director of Care.

Helpful Information

If you know a senior requiring nursing home level of care or if they have already been admitted into a facility, you can help them to consider moving to the SkyPointe facility.  Monthly charges are similar to other nursing home facilities as set by the government. You may be eligible for other subsidies if you cannot afford placement into a nursing home. Residency requirements may apply. If you are unsure or have questions please call GADNNHA at 587-434-0064 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to volunteer at AgeCare Skypointe Seniors Community, Contact Us to see how you can get involved!

** GADNNHA has no ownership of AgeCare Skypointe Seniors Community