Why Guru Amar Das Niwas?

Guru Amar Das is the shining example of how to age with grace. He showed us that the best years in life are those ahead. Guru Amar Das, before meeting his predecessor Guru Angad Dev, was a devout Hindu. He lived most of his life in this way, until he became drawn to second Guru. He began serving him at the age of 61. Despite his aging body he served tirelessly and faithfully demonstrating commitment can grow with age.

Finally at the age of 73 he was made Guru by Guru Angad. He served in this way until his passing at the age of 95. His accomplishments are many and profound.

  • He strengthened the institution of Langar (free kitchen), insisting even the Emperor Akbar had to sit on the floor with others and partake before he would see him in congregation 
  • Elevated women to equal status of men, a revolutionary concept in the 1500s. He specifically outlawed the practice of Sati (the dying of the wife on her husband's funeral pyre) and "Parrda" (veil to cover the face),
  • Further abolished the Caste System.
  • Established an Administration system for management of the increasing size of the Sikh congregations, called Manjis
  • Founded the city of Goindval on the banks of river Bias in 1552 A.D.
  • The Guru contributed a total of 907 hymns to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, including Anand Sahib which is one of the Nitnem banis to be recited each day

In his 23 years as Guru, all of which was in the elder years, Guru Amar Das showed us that seniors can contribute meaningfully irrespective of their age. In fact, they can do more than those younger. He reminds us that truly, the best years are ahead of us. He is a role model for seniors everywhere, and it is our hope that this nursing home will elevate seniors with such dignity and grace.