In the spirit of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, we shall serve the frail and elderly by providing holistic nursing home and ancillary services to all based on Punjabi cultural values and basic Sikh principles.

The pillars of our vision are the frail and elderly themselves, their families, volunteers, staff and the community as a whole.  We envision this will manifest for each in the following ways;

  • Frail and Elderly:  a loving home where they can live with grace
  • Families:  a place they can safely entrust their elderly and be deeply involved in their care
  • Staff:  a place of respect and team work where they can provide excellent care
  • Volunteers:  a place where they can serve the elderly and seniors selflessly
  • Community - a place that serves not only the seniors living there but also enhances the ability of those still living in their homes to live with utmost grace.